Friday, July 2, 2010

Wonder Girls World Tour feat. 2AM

July 1, 2010 8:00PM (doors open 7PM)
The Fillmore, San Francisco <3

9:30ish - got up ~ ..took my time..

10ish- cable car dude so nice, the car left and he stopped it for me :D

got there at like 11am. under 10 ppl in front of me. nobody came after me n my sis for an hour o_O
next few ppl came.. and hour later, more ppl come -__-

my korean friend from school came woohoo~!

I was crazy impatient. my other friends kinda got lost. took them FOREVER to come.
disappointed in not being able truly reunite with my old friend who just got in the 2nd block of the line..

I left the line a while to go 2 sis house fo bathroom --> market 2 buy salmon onigiri --> KFC for mashed potatoes! :D (kinda hungry now)


VIPs got to go first for the meet n greet. ahh. this is my first GA concert NOT being in way front T__T lol.

2AM: there were tons of JoKwon fans mainly lulz. tons of guy fans for 2AM! the members were BEAUTIFUL omg! their makeup was perfect ^^ I wish they stayed longer..or have Kwonnie sing the Moving Song! omg i tweeted him so much to sing it =P

2AM was soo emotional with the stuff they sang! They definitely prepared for their live perf ;) yeah, lots of fangrls, I nearly got choked to death coz this girls arm was slammed against my neck/throat! OMG -__-
oh yeah, plenty of sweat, and pushing too. the beginning screams were definitely the most deafening >_<
oh, and during the Korean oldie song, Kwonnie did some fan service, too bad i didnt catch it on video @_@


WG~!<3 I <3 WG forever from now on! I want more of their concert! It was wayyy too short! :'(
They are defnitiely top top performers..OMGG THEY BETTER COME BACK AGAINNN T_T
outfits were really good. esp the leather stuff. I thought that Sohee's leather outfit was the best :D
I liked how there were soapy bubbly stuff coming from the ceiling. (but it smelled so so bad)
the solo stuff was so much easier on the cameras (:
definitely love how they would come up to the crowd <3
Lim screwed up throwing her red dress part [not caught on my video sry. it was cute & funny tho lol]
in the beginning, they showed a really epic&cool SEOUL video with lots of Korean culture in it :D

Ye Eun: I am FALLING FOR HER OMG. She definitely stood out so much tonight! My camera takes bad pics, but she looked good in pretty much all of them <3 ah, so photogenic ^^ She was friggin BEAUTIFUL. and she was the one who came up the the fans the most. I LOVE HER SO MUCH NOW <33 Really impressed by the piano playing too~


Yoobin: ah, my fave member! Her hair was soo awesomee!! it was completely covering her face alot of times tho lol. really hot and charismatic<33 her vocals were really good when she sang *_*
my camera didnt really take good pics of her but i tried ^_^

this reminds me of the shirt Ga-In wore on WGM xD


SunYe: ^^ seems like shes always in the middle? i had lots of pics of her xO
she definitely had lots of charisma and stage prescence. even after the tragedy, shes a true performer <3

Lim: she's really great! really good personality, and quite charismatic too~
I like how she got to start the solos with some speech about the other members ^^

Sohee: my cameras didnt take very good pics of her o_O
oh, my friend said that she lipped the whole concert, but idk. seemed kinda live to me >_>
she didnt talk much today :(


it's actually pocket sized :3

okay, so basically I took more pictures of people who were more difficult to get GOOD pics of >.<


  1. What is the Infinitely yours Seoul card you got? And how'd you get it? Is it one of the merchandise you can get at the concert?

  2. They passed it out for FREE<3