Friday, August 14, 2009

Mariah Carey: The Goddess of Music ~ Prologue

I came up with a prologue to my little fanfiction<3
Then, in the beginning, I had writer's block. I think im just gonna jot down all my ideas and then write the story. People usually say that working backwards helps, as in thinkin about the ending and then planning the beginning. I think I been doing that already, so I need to work "the right way" LOL~ I been thinkin about the middle and end, but never the beginning o.O I'll be sure to work on that.
mehh school is gonna start, so this project just might be on hold... :(

heres the...


Music is life. It's true. Everyone says this. Many exaggerate, but not too much people really mean it. The Goddess...defines it.

yah, thats all :P


oh, I manage to overcome my graphic making disabilities and made the cover for this story exactly how i wanted it! :D
i wont have to rely on other people now~ yay! <3

*grrr now i need a banner for my forum*

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Fanfiction Coming Up [Undecided]

I think I'm gonna write a fanfiction dedicated to Mariah. a fiction story of Mariah..
I think imma call it Mariah Carey: The Goddess of Music ♪