Sunday, November 8, 2009

rest of random scribbles throughout the years

~ alan's "Tsuki ga Watashi" song. I tried to transpose the piano music, but kinda failed.. but look at the title! lol

~random "H", yeah, it's Hamasaki inspired =P

~ :D

~FYI, this is a song from Utada Hikaru<3

~just like how it looks on the book in the movie ^^

~bored on a Thursday probably... -...-

~ the RED CLIFF symbol! its soo cool, i saw alan sporting this tattoo on her wrist/arm<3 i want a temporary tattoo like this *O*<3 ♥

~total random

~signed a letter to charity[=

random scribble throughout years: STUDENT PLANNER EDITION

it's about time i post this!! omg! ~

[drawn by Shirley, colored by me]

[the 10th Anniversary NEXT LEVEL USB "A" symbol, sorta, but I added halo/devil tail.~
the "Really? 0_o" part was written by Shirley, lol]

[based off Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas" cover font~<3]

[replace M with the Mariah M!]