Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yerbua Buena~

what an amazing day!!! :]
wong/meneses classes 8th i guess.. went 2 YBP. we had bout 2 hours around there. soo.. me, suli, val, and kinen went to metreon area! woo~ stupid ppl who DIDNT go ;D
we walked around everywhere, and then we found those nice massage chairs! just enuff for tha 4 of us~
so i put a buck on mine for 3 min LOL it was pretty good. after my little massage session me&suli tried 2 sleep on the chairs but we talked 2 much. we acted so immature. val&k were our "parents" O.o
then we went down to the little kid machine ride thingy. the age limit was 13.. and we went on THEM! i felt to big and fat on it XDD huhlarious!
then we went 2 MLK waterfall.. threw pennies, and discovered there was smthin similar to the exploratorium.. the moon crater thingy. one crater on each side of the memorial. we would hear each other on both sides :D
very happy~ =)
then.. ice skating!! i was all scared at first, i wouldnt let go of the rail, but then i did. and i felt way more comfy when i held pplz hands to skate outside of the rail. then, i was wandering myself quite far from the rail, and stumble all the way to the rail WITHOUT falling!! lmfao!
my feet hurt like hell tho! and my legs are extremely sore @ this moment
then i went shoppin wit tiffany and bot HELLA stuff.
cheapass aberc. shirts for over $6!
mini B&BW hand sanitizers!
sephora microfiber hair towel! its hella good!
hella travel size stuff from walgreens lmao!
uh-mazin' day as heck! ~