Sunday, November 8, 2009

rest of random scribbles throughout the years

~ alan's "Tsuki ga Watashi" song. I tried to transpose the piano music, but kinda failed.. but look at the title! lol

~random "H", yeah, it's Hamasaki inspired =P

~ :D

~FYI, this is a song from Utada Hikaru<3

~just like how it looks on the book in the movie ^^

~bored on a Thursday probably... -...-

~ the RED CLIFF symbol! its soo cool, i saw alan sporting this tattoo on her wrist/arm<3 i want a temporary tattoo like this *O*<3 ♥

~total random

~signed a letter to charity[=

random scribble throughout years: STUDENT PLANNER EDITION

it's about time i post this!! omg! ~

[drawn by Shirley, colored by me]

[the 10th Anniversary NEXT LEVEL USB "A" symbol, sorta, but I added halo/devil tail.~
the "Really? 0_o" part was written by Shirley, lol]

[based off Mariah Carey's "Merry Christmas" cover font~<3]

[replace M with the Mariah M!]

Monday, September 28, 2009

第1個中文blog entry :)

tehe, 我想練習我的中文!!!





Monday, September 7, 2009

intro I

my first intro! made it very quickly(:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lowell NOOB ; )

Lowell is awesome! I love it<3
here's my schedule:

1-2 -nothin-
Go to school late this semester :)

4-5 PE ~ Taylor-Ray
woo for wellness! Get to come to skool @ 8:50 regardless of codes! <3
Total workout everyday. Cool that she's department head >THE BOSS!
Hehe.. "T-Ray" (:

REG 1301 ~ Ms. Branzburg Rm S102
Nicest teacher, LOL. Seems like she likes fun xDD
Too bad I only have her for 10min. I bet she's a great Italian teacher <3

6-7 Biology 1 ~ Ms Seawell Rm 261
Too extremely nice or something, but that's great :) she's cool

9-10 Modern World 1 ~ Ms. Bellville Rm 231
Awesomeee!!<3 she's soo hilarious and extremely sarcastic<3 I love her laugh, hahahaha!!!
certified yoga teacher, which is y I luv Fridays! ^^

11-12 9th gr Eng 1 ~ Mr. Emerson Rm 136
Writing class, no grammar. Really nice, not strict. iPod time ; )

14-15 LUNCH :D
Late, I starve, but at least lots of frens here ^.^

16-17 Chinese 1 ~ Ms. Li Rm 216
Nice, but a bit too slow. She speaks chinglish, mandarin style xDD

19-20 Accel Math 1 ~ Mr. Evans Rm 258
He acts like he's on drugs, LOL. Iono y but I always fall asleep in this class. I think he probably saw me when i closed my eyes for a few seconds > _ <
Can't really enjoy this class if I don't understand ">.<"

Love my freedom. Still anticipating clubs(:

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mariah Carey: The Goddess of Music ~ Prologue

I came up with a prologue to my little fanfiction<3
Then, in the beginning, I had writer's block. I think im just gonna jot down all my ideas and then write the story. People usually say that working backwards helps, as in thinkin about the ending and then planning the beginning. I think I been doing that already, so I need to work "the right way" LOL~ I been thinkin about the middle and end, but never the beginning o.O I'll be sure to work on that.
mehh school is gonna start, so this project just might be on hold... :(

heres the...


Music is life. It's true. Everyone says this. Many exaggerate, but not too much people really mean it. The Goddess...defines it.

yah, thats all :P


oh, I manage to overcome my graphic making disabilities and made the cover for this story exactly how i wanted it! :D
i wont have to rely on other people now~ yay! <3

*grrr now i need a banner for my forum*

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Fanfiction Coming Up [Undecided]

I think I'm gonna write a fanfiction dedicated to Mariah. a fiction story of Mariah..
I think imma call it Mariah Carey: The Goddess of Music ♪

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



I wrote this to her:

and she replied!! AHHHH!! ♥
She totally made my day <333

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yerbua Buena~

what an amazing day!!! :]
wong/meneses classes 8th i guess.. went 2 YBP. we had bout 2 hours around there. soo.. me, suli, val, and kinen went to metreon area! woo~ stupid ppl who DIDNT go ;D
we walked around everywhere, and then we found those nice massage chairs! just enuff for tha 4 of us~
so i put a buck on mine for 3 min LOL it was pretty good. after my little massage session me&suli tried 2 sleep on the chairs but we talked 2 much. we acted so immature. val&k were our "parents" O.o
then we went down to the little kid machine ride thingy. the age limit was 13.. and we went on THEM! i felt to big and fat on it XDD huhlarious!
then we went 2 MLK waterfall.. threw pennies, and discovered there was smthin similar to the exploratorium.. the moon crater thingy. one crater on each side of the memorial. we would hear each other on both sides :D
very happy~ =)
then.. ice skating!! i was all scared at first, i wouldnt let go of the rail, but then i did. and i felt way more comfy when i held pplz hands to skate outside of the rail. then, i was wandering myself quite far from the rail, and stumble all the way to the rail WITHOUT falling!! lmfao!
my feet hurt like hell tho! and my legs are extremely sore @ this moment
then i went shoppin wit tiffany and bot HELLA stuff.
cheapass aberc. shirts for over $6!
mini B&BW hand sanitizers!
sephora microfiber hair towel! its hella good!
hella travel size stuff from walgreens lmao!
uh-mazin' day as heck! ~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 5 J-Pop Artists

special treat for lambs @ 8:32 til the end!! ♥
I can't choose between Namie&Ayu ^_^

My Top 5 J-Pop artists:

1. Namie Amuro 安室奈美恵
2. Ayumi Hamasaki 浜崎あゆみ/ 浜崎歩
pic thanks to Yoake @ AHS
3. alan アラン/ 阿兰
if you like her,
plz join this forum:
4. Utada Hikaru 宇多田ヒカル
5. BoA ボア/ 보아

plz rate, comment, and favorite!thanks! ♥
(on my youtube, that is..)

CMEA Festival 2009!

Today was probably one of the bestest school days I've ever had in my entire LIFE!!!! ♥♥♥
okay, so our orchestra performed in front of 3 judges in hillsdale high school in san mateo today.
Oregon Trail (light, fast, happy), Deep River (sad&beautiful African-American spiritual), and Brandenburg (festive Boroque). All the judges' decisions were unanimous===>SUPERIOR!!!!!! WOOOOO! OMG!!!!!
Ms Bottini has never EVER had an orchestra that had an orchestra that had gotten a superior before, so she was wayy more than happy! She licked the floor(grass).....TWICE!!
we took a group pic afterward we performed.. "serious" and then "funny" pose. i did a O.O pose, maybe ayu-like xDD haha
the scenery during the busride was beautiful! love the beach/ocean. i saw some "forests" and a few lakes & rivers too! the houses in san mateo look alike. every building is long, but extremely flat, like no more than one floor :O
so then, we went to Red Robin to eat. Its kinda like fast food / Denny's , but its BETTER! OMG the food was so dammm goood! i ordered a whiskey bbq medium burger.. it was really huge and i couldnt finish it! and the fries are huge. susan got some clucks and they were oh sooo goooood!! :3 i took molly's garlic frie.(: and i ordered a freckled lemonade, but susanz raspberry limeade was better since it had sprite in it :D
i felt like a chef cuz my blouse and my pants had food on them, i went home smelling like FOOD. XD everyone got balloons in Red Robin. EVERYONE had balloon fights, and man we were WILD! it was extremely fun!! nonstop crackup! and sudden pops of balloons! XDD ahh... so happy!
then, when we were waiting 4 the charter bus to come, we decided to whack pplz balls, boobs, and butts xD ahah. that was soooo fun! i also rubbed my balloon on guyz hair! =DD
when we got on the bus, me and susan sucked the helium out of the balloon. after a few attempts, my voice hiked up a bit ;)
susan failed tho LMAO. then, we decided to blast music from our phones. when i was blasting "Bye Bye" and waving our hands way up high, we passed a CEMETARY! that song was for those ppl there all right! aw man the cemetery was pretty scary! miles and miles of gravestones, all u could see were gravestones D: freaky as hek
we got back to skool, and melis+annamckenzie licked everything omg. they licked the dry erase board and then it was showtime for anna. she licked EVERYTHING: someones car, the pole, the tree, OMG EVERYTING! they shud lik the trash can too ahaha xD

Sunday, April 12, 2009

adding to NEXL LEVEL review

i have trouble editing it...
NEXT LEVEL is perfect for driving & video gaming!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


i shall start doing album reviews and all that stuff from now on :D



CD only


i think this is the first time in the world that an artist release their album in a USB form.

1. Bridge to the sky
very nice interlude.. love how theres lyrics to it [=
refreshing, drivingish music o.o

a cute happy song for fans<3
another driving song

3. Disco-munication
this interlude sounds lik mario-ish/video game appropriate

4. EnergizE
nice english in the beginning, love the da-la part :]
bubblegum poppy song. supergirly. can sorta dance to

5. Sparkle
awesome!!! kinda driving ish at nite music :)
very classicish. sexy song, it is

6. rollin'
awesomeness! I ADORE her voice roboticized<3
chorus is AWESOMEEEE. one of the best songs in this album

very oriental/azn w.e u call it. seems kinda outa placed in this album, but I LOVE this song. super epic ^_^

8. Load of the SHUGYO
boxingish/videogame appropriate interlude

9. identity
partial club-banger. some parts are fit clubbangin&some arent
pretty rockish mostly+SOME hiphopish D:
10. Rule
awesome rock song ♥ love it as much as Sparkle.
11. LOVE 'n' HATE
probably the best song off the album! its kinda hip-popish too D:
she counts to 7 in ENGLISH soo sexily and then she says "zero" in a weird say, and it ruins it xD
12. Pieces of SEVEN
the final interlude of the album... pretty rocky..
video game/fast driving music! oh yea! ;]
13. Days
cute song. pretty ballady. this song calms the album down and leads 2 curtain call
14. Curtain call
what a perfect song to end an album (NOT CAREER PLZ!) ..
nice ballad and perfect title :)

This album is totally unlike any of other Ayu albums. She is definitely heading to a NEXT LEVEL of music with this album. Very electronicy, techno, and more modern poppy! Too little ballads I think.. GREEN is probably the most out of place song even though I love it. I think Mirrorcle World would totally fit into this album more than GREEN. Also, theres some Hip-Pop/Hip-Hop in this album! D: OMG! Ayu experiments with a whole buncha genres here. The title fits the album a million percent 4real ;] I mean the booklet fits too! She is soo hot in there. The USB is super pretty but its extremely overpriced! lik around 80USD. ugh. Most PVS in this album suck or are average. The only good ones are Rule & Sparkle :P
Singles Released from NEXT LEVEL:
Best Album tracks: LOVE 'n' HATE and rollin'
i dont know why, but i hate comparing singles to album tracks. and singles always get knocked off my list of best album songs no matter how awesome they are :P
Rule&Sparkle are absolutely AWESOME! ..there. ^__^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my AHS directory~

textless images:

all albums up to (miss)understood individual songz :
iPod PVs :
mp3 sharing project, inc singles :
Ultra HQ PV:
lyrics :
oldish covers :

hikki PVs:
ipod PVs:


Saturday, March 28, 2009

at last..

my mariah (CD) collection is complete!!! yet it feels incomplete w/o the japanese versions which i am devoid of.. my collection totally needs an ugrade ;] i feel VERY accomplished. i found sooo many copies of glitter @ virgin. too bad not much ppl buy it >.<. i also saw a copy of glitter DVD on sale which i must buy!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


pretty funish (susanz creation) day. i had 2 wakey at lik 6 in the morning, but i woke at 6:30ish cuz i cudnt stay awake ^^" i had 2 get 2 skool at 8:15 for all-city orch. practice >__> it was like another orchestra period, but a bit less boring. xD
in PE, i cracked up so hard, i couldnt keep a straight face when we played lacrosse..its so funny watchin susan fite for the ball xD i was fighting too xDD
lilian brought these pretty solid color origami paper with prettyass colors! we used em for our pics for the poster project.
i took some of that paper and made sushi with a glue stick! x]

mmm...california roll! x3 it needs sesame seeds tho Dx

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

big day

today was a bigg day! i had 2 go thru this with lack of sleep, lack of breakfast, lack of studying, and giant headache! >.<
2nd period was the lowell essay. i wrote about my retarded neighbor, the essay wuz short, but o well ;]
3rd period was the hardest math test in my life!! @__@ it was lik over 5 pages long, filled with hard word problems i dun even get. i didnt even finish the test, with around 5 problems left.. uhg. it aint fair that her 4th period class got 2 take an easier, 2 paged test. WTF that was no fair at all!! T___T
4th period.. i had my eyesight checked. my right eye couldnt see any of the words with my glasses on, but my left eye had no prob. the dude said it was quite unusual -.- maybe cuhs im lik left-handed??
blah...i had a huge headache the whole day, and i was kinda nausic on the bus too..
all thanks to me going on AHS til lik 2 in the morning -___-
*i had 2 retype this blog cuz the picture made everything go away T__T *

blog noob

haha. i just started blogging!! weee xD hopefully i can put up pics of everything now and write stuff! ^.^