Wednesday, January 28, 2009

big day

today was a bigg day! i had 2 go thru this with lack of sleep, lack of breakfast, lack of studying, and giant headache! >.<
2nd period was the lowell essay. i wrote about my retarded neighbor, the essay wuz short, but o well ;]
3rd period was the hardest math test in my life!! @__@ it was lik over 5 pages long, filled with hard word problems i dun even get. i didnt even finish the test, with around 5 problems left.. uhg. it aint fair that her 4th period class got 2 take an easier, 2 paged test. WTF that was no fair at all!! T___T
4th period.. i had my eyesight checked. my right eye couldnt see any of the words with my glasses on, but my left eye had no prob. the dude said it was quite unusual -.- maybe cuhs im lik left-handed??
blah...i had a huge headache the whole day, and i was kinda nausic on the bus too..
all thanks to me going on AHS til lik 2 in the morning -___-
*i had 2 retype this blog cuz the picture made everything go away T__T *

blog noob

haha. i just started blogging!! weee xD hopefully i can put up pics of everything now and write stuff! ^.^