Wednesday, February 4, 2009


pretty funish (susanz creation) day. i had 2 wakey at lik 6 in the morning, but i woke at 6:30ish cuz i cudnt stay awake ^^" i had 2 get 2 skool at 8:15 for all-city orch. practice >__> it was like another orchestra period, but a bit less boring. xD
in PE, i cracked up so hard, i couldnt keep a straight face when we played lacrosse..its so funny watchin susan fite for the ball xD i was fighting too xDD
lilian brought these pretty solid color origami paper with prettyass colors! we used em for our pics for the poster project.
i took some of that paper and made sushi with a glue stick! x]

mmm...california roll! x3 it needs sesame seeds tho Dx