Monday, May 24, 2010

MYX Mash 2010!!! [Saturday, May 22, 2010 7:30pm]

feat. T-Pain, Brown Eyed Girls & Bruno Mars. (oh, there were Poreotix (ABDC) and other ppl i didnt know) it was @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium...general admission...doors opened at started kinda on time ^.^

I came here just for BEG! Initially, I was extremely obsessed with JeA (leader), and then, BAD NEWS. she couldnt come because of friggin VISA problems! WTF! first, it was her lost baggage to make her nearly miss her overseas concert, and now visa?! poor JeA, bad things happen to her.. =( Yea, I was totally depressed when I found out that she aint coming. Theres still Narsha to support<3. oh, and Miryo responded to me on twitter twice! (1st time I asked them to sing "Love Is..." <---in which JeA sings.. 2nd time I asked her if JeA's coming or not..) so weird how both times she says no to me T-T.

Attempts to stalk? kinda fail, need more human resources ~o^.

Soo... I was going to line up at like 11ish, but I got there at like 12 >_< fortunately, nobody was in line, so i was FIRST!! :D the security told me that they were rehearsing "a few minutes ago" and it was so loud that they could hear it outside~! but, my friend came and we were bored so we went to Walgreens to get food. We returned in line..nobody.. then this dude lined up.. blah. bored, so we went to Main Library to eat. on our way there, we noticed that people came in and out of the building. as the doors opened, we could hear the music and see the flashy lights! so tempting to sneak in > .. <
then we came back, there was another lady in line. we didnt mind being 3rd.. then, we met two awesome Shanghainese girls [B2ST fans too haha] from walnut creek who were just a year older than us. instant friends! LOL. I thought both of them were korean, coz they actually looked like one of my korean friends. so, in line, we sang k-pop songs and danced and danced~~. blasting Abracadabra too xDD. later, we met two college guys who went to the KMF (kpop LA jealousss..they say KARA, 2pm, etc). they loved SNSD ^_^. anyways, we basically formed a gang/army ^O^ so awesomeee.  in line, we were interview by a few places like.. myx themselves, allkpop, and others i forgot the name of. the myx guy told me that SNSD was supposed to perform in this concert but their schedules couldnt fit T_____T

Damn it was freeezing! and the wind was soo cold and strong! but it did KINDA get warmer later in the day. I didnt eat much. I was gonna study for math finals, but screw that at that moment LOL. so I made Aileen my concert slave again and made her get my stuff ^^". Stupid RETARDED me, I gave her my camera coz i thought it wasnt allowed! *mad swearing* virtually EVERYONE in the concert were recording/taking pics!! -___-.  Later, the girls' friends came who were also Shanghainese LOL. soo..its was like the 4 shanghainese ppl r Team Ga-In, and me, Anna, 2 guys were Team Narsha! LMFAOO~

In the concert.. there actually wasnt tooo much ppl (not sold out). since the place was so friggin place. the Fillmore wouldve been just perfect! and omg it was so friggin loud im glad i brought earplugs :P
and on the screen, they played myx clip thingies, and whenever k-pop artists show up on the screen, everyone cheered and screamed LOL ^_^.

-hosts throwing myx shirts.. idk which order this belongs to lol but it DID happen! -

there was a "danceoff" between this guy from Trinidad (i think) vs this azn dude. pretty pro breakdancing. the Trinidad dude had better handstand walking skills, but the azn dude totally won when he did an epic Abracadabra ending!!!<333 haha smart (: oh, he left his celly and stuff on stage or sth, and he had to get out of the crowd to get em.

-ppl idk r like rapping and singing..i think. they tried to move the crowd but kinda failed imo, coz nobody rlly knew their songz.. ><-

Bruno Mars... he sang quite a few songs..i didnt know most of them. well, he does have a great voice<3 and yay Billionaire and Nothin' on You <333. we were actually saving our excitement waiting for BEG to come out ^^" hehehh.

unexpectedly, the Poreotix came up and performed! before the show it was individual... but after Bruno Mars, they actually performed the stuff they performed at ABDC with the Taylor Swift - Love Story + Kanye interruption >> gunshot > all falls down. ^__^ pretty gud.

aw yeaaaaahh!! BEG TIME!!! we chanted BEG like alot <3. they performed L.O.V.E., You Raise Me Up (this was the special song. incomplete without JeA!! but great still they tried hard), Moody Night (i didnt rlly recognize it, but i cuda guessed hehe), and then Abracadabra!!! aaahh!!! <33 makes me happy<3 [one thing to say.. Miryo did say the BEG was gonna perform SIX songs.. wut happened to that? ;[. just four.. I was also expecting Sign for sure..and maybe Eojjeoda.. ] i took off my earplugs for this =). it actually wasnt even as loud as other performers. there were mic problems, coz many times, we couldnt hear their voice, like the track was drowning them out or sth. [side note..dont cha think Abracadabra is basically a Ga-In solo feat. Miryo, Narsha, and JeA? LOL] Ga-In definitely stood out that night. Hellooo "lalalallallala..." aw yeahh the sexy dance <33 -massive screams- . oh, her legs were hella shiny lmaoo. oh yes, shes so beautiful and same for all of them. and oh em gee they are soo cute when they arent singing ^_^ (during the MC). Oh, and it seems like Narsha was the leader that night, cos she was like "1, 2, 3, >>wassup we're the brown eyed girls!" sigh, such a short perf! I feel like if we chanted for them to come back louder, they would have! >__>

oh, then it's T-Pain, I think the BEG fans left coz there was no point anymore. maybe we shuda left too @_@. anyways, his fans were so damn friggin aggressive. they were pushing the hell outa us >_> the security had to tell everyone to back up so many times! some were so stubborn and didnt give a crap. those fans were the ones that came hella late and pushed from the back of the crowd all the way to the front, not caring how ppl stood there so long for this, ugh ><. the guys of our army practically saved our lives! the t-pain fans were like pushing and raping them and those guys held them back off us <3 ^__^ I would probably been crushed and DEAD x__x. it was kinda entertaining, coz t-pains dancers were pretty cool. but he practically owned the concert, like he sang the MOST songs, this wasnt wat most of us came here for -__-. yea, we shuda left and not deal with tha BS. =P

so like.. why the hell did the concert turn into a pretty much full all T-Pain concert?!! T___T totally sucks how BEG only got 4 songs. so much for this being their "biggest concert in North America" -____- even bruno mars got more songs and he barely even debuted. BEG better come back to SF with all the members including JeA!!! i shall b waiting..

the concert ended at like before/around 11, earlier than i expected! :D

hmm, afterwards, we went to Burger King, I got 6pc chicken fries wit honey mustard<3 and a cup of hot water (for 50 cents!! haha) the cup was rlly nice. the walnut creek ppl rode the BART. i rode muni. soo, carrying hot water late at night alone can be a great weapon LOL. although you may severely burn ur attackers o.O

 I tried to take a pic with my crappiass phone -,- super blurry.