Monday, September 28, 2009

第1個中文blog entry :)

tehe, 我想練習我的中文!!!





Monday, September 7, 2009

intro I

my first intro! made it very quickly(:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lowell NOOB ; )

Lowell is awesome! I love it<3
here's my schedule:

1-2 -nothin-
Go to school late this semester :)

4-5 PE ~ Taylor-Ray
woo for wellness! Get to come to skool @ 8:50 regardless of codes! <3
Total workout everyday. Cool that she's department head >THE BOSS!
Hehe.. "T-Ray" (:

REG 1301 ~ Ms. Branzburg Rm S102
Nicest teacher, LOL. Seems like she likes fun xDD
Too bad I only have her for 10min. I bet she's a great Italian teacher <3

6-7 Biology 1 ~ Ms Seawell Rm 261
Too extremely nice or something, but that's great :) she's cool

9-10 Modern World 1 ~ Ms. Bellville Rm 231
Awesomeee!!<3 she's soo hilarious and extremely sarcastic<3 I love her laugh, hahahaha!!!
certified yoga teacher, which is y I luv Fridays! ^^

11-12 9th gr Eng 1 ~ Mr. Emerson Rm 136
Writing class, no grammar. Really nice, not strict. iPod time ; )

14-15 LUNCH :D
Late, I starve, but at least lots of frens here ^.^

16-17 Chinese 1 ~ Ms. Li Rm 216
Nice, but a bit too slow. She speaks chinglish, mandarin style xDD

19-20 Accel Math 1 ~ Mr. Evans Rm 258
He acts like he's on drugs, LOL. Iono y but I always fall asleep in this class. I think he probably saw me when i closed my eyes for a few seconds > _ <
Can't really enjoy this class if I don't understand ">.<"

Love my freedom. Still anticipating clubs(: